Sreekaram Movie Review

Review: Sreekaram

In ‘Sreekaram’, a positive message is told in a heart-touching manner. If you have watched the trailer, you would know the tenor of its messaging. Karthik (Sharwanand) is an accomplished software engineer who gets an opportunity to lead a team in the US. His father (VK Naresh) wants him to grab the offer. However, Karthik is moved by the plight of some of the farmers in his native village. He becomes a farmer overnight, a decision he takes on both rational and emotional grounds.

The film is directed by debutant B Kishor, who doesn’t make it sound confusing. The scenes are interesting, especially in the second half. The first half is about the background to what makes the hero take a life-changing decision. It is also about how the heroine (Priyanka Mohan) craves the hero’s attention in Hyderabad.

Films like ‘Maharshi’ have shown the importance of agriculture. ‘Sreekaram’ is not just about farming. It’s also about collective farming and how unity can lead to good things in a village.

Sai Kumar plays a negative character. His evil designs show how unity can be damaged in a day. This is when Sharwanand’s character feels that the challenge is big. And when coronavirus arrives, his challenge becomes even bigger.

Plus Points:

Emotional scenes between father and son
Sharwanand’s performance
Production values

Minus Points:

Weak romantic track


‘Sreekaram’ has got the right intentions. Watch it with your family and it will make for a cool watch!

Rating :3/5

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